Tips for painting at home

• Wash your hands before handling the pottery. Grease or oil from food or hand cream can affect the finish of the glaze.

• The paints change colour when fired, becoming deeper and brighter.

• One coat is translucent, two coats is more opaque and three coats gives a solid colour. Colours can be mixed.

• The paint is non toxic, and food safe when fired. It washes easily off skin and surfaces, and usually out of textiles, you might want to throw an old tshirt or an apron on just in case.

• Any bits you don't paint will be shiny white when fired.

• Grab some kitchen roll or clean sponge, a tumbler of water, your brushes and you're ready to go.

• A pencil is handy to mark out your ideas. Soft pencil marks will disappear in the kiln.

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